Our online learning events engage our clients in a face to face workshops that are well structured, highly interactive, professionally facilitated to exchange our experiences with our clients.

Win themes- how to make the bid win a trend, not a fluke?

January 20 2021 12:00 am 11 am EST

Win themes- How to make the bid win a trend, not a fluke? Learn how to draft and drive win-themes in the proposal, live on Jan 20, 2021. 11 am EST. Subscribe Now Speaker: Mahalakshmi Loganathan, An avid writer and a bid coach with 18+ years of experience in the proposals industry.

B&B Bid – No Bid Scorecard

November 18 2020 11:30 am EST

BnB Bid – No Bid Scorecard helps you access your capabilities against the RFP in minutes and help you in the qualification process. Learn its features and benefits during our live demo.

Wining in Uncertainty

August 13 2020 12:00 pm EST

With this workshop, we aim at sharing various parameters like: - COVID – an opportunity or a threat? - World during COVID - Top 5 boardroom conversations during a pandemic - Technology shaping up to survive and thrive - Winning in tough times

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